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Jeremiah Roe of Synack on how 'inventory is a huge aspect' of zero-trust framework

by CyberScoop Staff

Synack speaks with CyberScoop at the Zero Trust Summit.

How Oak Ridge National Lab DevSecOps team mobilized amid pandemic

by CyberScoop Staff

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s chief information security officer shares steps the research institute took to ensure security and integrity of its data.

DARPA invites hackers to break hardware to make it more secure

by Sean Lyngaas

Software bug bounties are ubiquitous in the cybersecurity industry, but those focused on hardware are rarer.

California's new labor law is going to impact bug bounty companies. By how much is unknown.

by Jeff Stone

Uber and Lyft aren't the only companies wrestling with California's new labor law.

How to demonstrate trust in cybersecurity practices with organization leaders

by CyberScoop Staff

A new report advises CISOs to measure their security investments and identify critical weaknesses by conducting continuous penetration testing.

Why bug bounty firms want to be penetration testing companies

by Jeff Stone

The bug bounty workforce isn't a large one -- so bug bounty companies are pivoting to a different model.