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Americans resigned to cyberattacks on infrastructure, elections, survey finds

by Sean Lyngaas

The data indicate a growing acceptance among Americans that sensitive data breaches are a part of life

More companies are hiring CISOs as private industry faces cyberattacks, report says

by Cassie Stephenson

Cybersecurity budgets continue to grow, but so do risks of attack, according to annual survey.

Insurance industry increasingly anxious about its own cyber risks

by Shaun Waterman

Insurance companies are worried more than ever about cybersecurity, which is rated one of the top three risks the global industry faces for the first time in a recent survey.

(ISC)² survey: To recruit cyber talent, feds must make up in training, benefits, what jobs lack in pay

by Shaun Waterman

Federal agencies pay an average of $7,000 a year less to cybersecurity personnel than their private sector counterparts, so they need to offer training and other benefits and recruit more from overlooked groups like women and minorities.

Survey: Republicans are more suspicious about election hacking claims

by Chris Bing

Nearly half of participating Democrats said they believe an “electronic security breach or hack impacted the vote” count.