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APTs quiet ahead of Beijing games, but financially motivated hackers are still lurking, research says

by Tonya Riley

Nation-state hackers might not want to get on China's bad side, but athletes, officials, volunteers and fans should watch their phones.

Manchester United attack illuminates the cyberthreats facing an overlooked sports sector

by Sean Lyngaas

“We’ve seen more and more football clubs and other high-profile sporting businesses targeted by things like ransomware,” former NCSC Director Ciaran Martin said.

After hackers nearly stole $1M from soccer team, UK agency warns of sporting sector’s vulnerabilities

by Sean Lyngaas

Another soccer team suffered a ransomware attack that cost the club hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Fancy Bear hackers targeted at least 16 athletic organizations ahead of Tokyo Olympics

by Jeff Stone

Russia long has targeted world anti-doping organizations.

Here’s how DHS prepared to keep hackers out of the Super Bowl

by Sean Lyngaas

The 2019 Super Bowl is likely the biggest cybersecurity operation for CISA since it got rebranded in November.

Report: PGA hit with ransomware attack on eve of major tournament

by Greg Otto

According to GolfWeek, PGA employees found they were locked out of systems Tuesday, with a message asking for bitcoin.