Tags spearphishing

Phishing scheme targeting Mideast researchers uses 'herd mentality' approach to dupe victims

by AJ Vicens

The tactic linked to an Iranian group creates the impression the email activity is real by employing a phenomenon known as "social proof."

Russian hacking unit Cozy Bear adds Google Drive to its arsenal, researchers say

by AJ Vicens

APT29, one of the SVR's most active and successful hacking groups, has been using the cloud service to help deliver malware, the researchers said.

Cozy Bear revisits one of its greatest hits, researchers say: election skulduggery

by Tim Starks

Volexity believes, with moderate confidence, that Cozy Bear is behind the spearphishing campaign with an election fraud lure.

Emerging hacking tool 'EtterSilent' mimics DocuSign, researchers find

by Shannon Vavra

The tool is the latest evidence that the hacking economy is a commodity market.

Hackers target German lawmakers in an election year

by Sean Lyngaas

It was not immediately clear who was responsible, but the German parliament is a perennial cyber-espionage target.

COVID-19 vaccine scammers are still lurking

by Shannon Vavra

In some attacks, the hackers attempted to steal credentials from employees at Walgreens.