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Months-long Interpol crackdown nets more than 1,000 online fraud arrests

by Tim Starks

The sting also intercepted $27 million in illicit funds.

Potent Brazilian banking trojan resurfaces in South America, despite arrests that averted $4M theft

by AJ Vicens

Police in Spain might averted big losses with some Mekotio-related arrests earlier this year, but the malware is back.

John McAfee found dead after Spanish court approved extradition to US

by Jeff Stone

McAfee, 75, was the creator of antivirus software and accused of multiple high profile crimes.

Spanish labor agency suffers ransomware attack, union says

by Sean Lyngaas

Security experts at the Spanish government’s National Cryptologic Center were responding to the incident.

Spanish cops arrest four in 'FluBot' text hacking scheme

by Shannon Vavra

The hacking group has targeted upwards of 71,000 with their scam.

‘Vendetta’ hackers are posing as Taiwan's CDC in data-theft campaign

by Sean Lyngaas

The hackers are part of a group known as Vendetta that has only surfaced in the last two months.