Tags SolarWinds

Federal court system suffered previously undisclosed breach, congressional committee says

by AJ Vicens

The breach is separate from the SolarWinds fallout and had not been previously publicly disclosed.

SolarWinds hackers set up phony media outlets to trick targets

by Tonya Riley

New infrastructure, old tricks.

The long, bumpy road to cyber incident reporting legislation — and the one still ahead

by Tim Starks, AJ Vicens

The legislation eventually garnered widespread support on its way to becoming law, but much remains unresolved.

Proposal for industries to report big cyberattacks, ransomware payments wins Senate approval

by Tim Starks

The measure, under which CISA would handle the incident reporting, must still win House approval.

SolarWinds hackers kept busy in the year since the seminal hack, Mandiant finds

by AJ Vicens

The research reveals ongoing efforts by the SolarWinds hackers to steal data and find ways to access additional victims.

Feds likely to miss deadline for strengthening encryption, multifactor authentication

by Tim Starks

The May executive order was drafted as a result of the SolarWinds cyber-espionage campaign.