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Blame game follows Uber hack. Experts say don't fault employee.

by AJ Vicens

The Uber hack may be a lesson in poor security design and points to problems with vulnerable multi-factor authentication.

Twitter, tightening security, stops requiring phone numbers for authentication

by Jeff Stone

The move comes after hackers infiltrated Twitter CEO Jack Dorey's account.

A Chinese hacking group breached a telecom to monitor targets' texts, phone metadata

by Shannon Vavra

The timing of the attack coincides roughly with the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Twitter: We accidentally used security data to target users with ads

by Greg Otto

Twitter does not know how many people were impacted by the error.

Cutely named apps siphon user data from phones

by Sean Lyngaas

Here's a reminder of the ease with which crooks can hide their malware in popular app hubs.

Android spyware in the Google Play Store was downloaded over 1 million times over 3 years

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

A piece of malware pretending to be an Android system update was downloaded over 1 million times since launch 2014. The malware, dubbed SMSVova, spied on a victim's location and relayed it to the attacker in real time.