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In the dark about 'going dark'

by Ari Schwartz

Opinion: A former government official asks how could encryption statistics — cited repeatedly by the nation's top law enforcement officials — be so wrong for so long?

Researcher finds vulnerability in popular microchips used in Android and iPhones

by Chris Bing

Security researchers have found a crucial vulnerability in a popular chipset used in smartphones that allows for an attackers to launch a remote, Wi-Fi delivered virus to a targeted device.

Chinese-authored spyware found on more than 700 million Android phones

by Chris Bing

A Chinese startup that works with leading phone manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei hid software that enabled surveillance by tracking user’s movements and communications, Kryptowire security researchers found.

4G LTE protocols used by smartphones can be hacked, researchers found

by Chris Bing

The Diameter protocol, which replaces the older SS7, can disrupt services to both specific users and nodes that provide access for entire regions.