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How (and why) cyber specialists hacked a North American utility's smart meter

by Sean Lyngaas

Big hacks like the 2015 Ukraine power outage and the 2017 shutdown of a Saudi petrochemical plant still inspire red teams today.

33 connectivity flaws render millions of IT, IoT devices vulnerable

by Tim Starks

At least 150 vendors are affected, but Forescout said it's hard to know for sure how many more.

'Smart' doorbells for sale on Amazon, eBay came stocked with security vulnerabilities

by Sean Lyngaas

The findings point to “a wider culture that favors shortcuts over security in the manufacturing process," one researcher said.

New Wi-Fi chip bug affects everything from Amazon's Echo to home routers

by Sean Lyngaas

An estimated 1 billion devices are affected.

FTC settles with device maker D-Link, requires 'comprehensive' security effort

by Jeff Stone

Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve the settlement.

Newly reported flaws in cameras, locks add to scrutiny of smart-home security

by Jeff Stone

Patches are available for both vulnerabilities, and hackers would need physical access in both cases to carry out an attack.