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Hackers reportedly used EA Games' Slack to breach network, access source code

by Tonya Riley

Hackers tricked the company's IT support to get access to corporate systems, it seems.

Hackers are abusing Discord, Slack file-sharing to distribute malware

by Shannon Vavra

Links from Slack and Discord may not be as benign as they look.

Clues to the alleged Capital One hacker's crimes were all over the internet

by Jeff Stone

Paige Thompson bragged about taking data from Capital One’s storage on Slack and Github, according to the FBI.

Security flaw in Electron impacts hundreds of desktop apps

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

This is the second critical remote code execution vulnerability of the year for Electron.

Severe Electron framework vulnerability impacts apps like Skype and Slack

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Electron isn't widely known by the public, but it's the software that underlies some of today's most popular apps.