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Router vendor has patched some zero-days, but leaves others wide open

by Sean Lyngaas

A researcher found 10 previously undisclosed vulnerabilities in MoFi Networks routers that could allow attackers to steal passwords and data from networks.

Instagram data from 14 million profiles found in unsecured database, researcher says

by Jeff Stone

Data including users’ profile names, stored links to profile pictures and their Instagram ID is available in the database,

Data about 57 million people exposed by Elasticsearch servers

by Jared Beinart

Cybersecurity organization Hacken said it found the misconfigured servers as part of a regular security audit. The data appears to come from millions of U.S. residents.

Nation-state hackers hit Cisco switches

by Sean Lyngaas

Hackers, some of them backed by a nation-state, have attacked Cisco switches in multiple countries, the tech giant’s cyber-threat intelligence division has revealed. Some of these attacks “are believed to be associated with nation-state actors, such as those described” in a recent Department of Homeland Security report that said Russian government hackers were targeting multiple U.S. industries, Cisco said.

That was fast: Thousands of computers now compromised with leaked NSA tools, researchers say

by Chris Bing

The findings by security researchers are significant because they illustrate, among other things, the rapid pace at which cybercriminals can effectively adopt and then launch cyberattacks with complex, NSA-grade weaponry.