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U.S. government weighing sanctions against Kaspersky Lab

by Patrick Howell O'Neill, Chris Bing

The news comes as the Trump administration has gone back and forth on new sanctions against Russia.

RSA conference app leaks user data

by Greg Otto

Here's a new adage for 2018: It's not a true security conference until someone discovers a flaw in the technology used by the conference's event staff.

A cybersecurity power struggle is brewing at the National Security Council

by Chris Bing, Patrick Howell O'Neill

The arrival of national security adviser John Bolton has prompted an attempted power grab by a junior member of the National Security Council, four current officials with knowledge of the matter told CyberScoop.

Manfra: Private sector on board with more robust DHS cyber strategy

by Sean Lyngaas

Private firms won’t have any reservations about supporting the more robust cybersecurity strategy that the Department of Homeland Security will soon release, according to the department’s top cyber official.

48 million profiles left exposed by data scraping firm, report says

by Zaid Shoorbajee

The exposed data includes detailed information scraped from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Zillow.

Nation-state hackers attempted to use Equifax vulnerability against DoD, NSA official says

by Chris Bing

An NSA official says 24 hours after Equifax's breach was made public, a nation-state was scanning DoD for unpatched Apache Struts instances.