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EARN IT Act gets no changes to encryption language in Senate committee

by Tonya Riley

The bill would remove legal liability immunity from tech platforms found in violation of laws regarding child sexual abuse materials. But civil society groups see a dangerous potential side effect.

Security fears over antitrust legislation raise looming questions about a federal privacy law

by Tonya Riley

Experts say not all of the tech companies' security concerns are unfounded.

Senate panel advances bill to combat child exploitation, but critics fear it could weaken encryption

by Sean Lyngaas

Changes to the bill weren't enough to satisfy critics.

Facebook intends to implement end-to-end encryption despite DOJ pressure

by Shannon Vavra

Two of the company's executives have written to the Department of Justice as Congress prepares to look closely at the issue.

Real-time bidding, a thriving ad targeting technique, is becoming a GDPR dilemma

by Jeff Stone

U.S. advertisers spent an estimated $23.5 billion on the tactic last year, up from $6.4 billion in 2014.

White House executive order sets path for ban on Huawei

by Shannon Vavra

President Donald Trump issued an executive order Wednesday intended to prevent U.S. companies from conducting business with the Chinese-based tech giant.