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Cryptocurrency regulators are scrambling to catch up with hackers who are swiping billions

by Tonya Riley

But who's in charge has become a game of hot potato.

SEC weighs reporting requirements for publicly traded companies

by Tonya Riley

The amendments follow a similar proposal the agency released last month aimed at tightening security for investment firms and advisers.

SEC's breach notification proposal one step closer to a final vote

by Tonya Riley

The proposed rule would give institutions 48 hours to report a cyber incident to the agency.

SEC's Gensler signals enhancement of cybersecurity, breach disclosure rules for financial sector

by Tim Starks

The SEC joins TSA, the FCC and other feds who have imposed or are considering imposing additional disclosure requirements.

Accenture lost 'proprietary information' in summer ransomware attack

by Tim Starks

The company didn't elaborate on the exact nature of the extracted data.

SEC fines brokerage firms over email hacks, customer data exposure

by Tim Starks

Collectively, the companies will pay $750,000.