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Notorious Russian military hacking crew behind October ransomware attacks on Ukraine, Poland

by AJ Vicens

Researchers at Microsoft said a ransomware attack on transportation and logistics companies was the work of Russian military intelligence

Russia's digital attacks are haphazard, chaotic, says top Ukrainian cyber official

by AJ Vicens

Moscow's approach to incorporating cyberattacks into its ongoing assault reflects an "absence of strategy," said Victor Zhora.

Microsoft ties January Ukraine attack to notorious Sandworm group

by Tonya Riley

Expect to see more attacks, Microsoft says.

State Department announces $10M bounty for Russian intelligence hackers behind NotPetya

by Suzanne Smalley

The State Department is offering $10 million for the location of six Russian intelligence officers in the Sandworm unit.

Russian hackers thwarted in attempt to take out electrical grid, Ukrainians say

by AJ Vicens

Russian losses near Kyiv and a looming onslaught in eastern Ukraine may be a factor in the attack, a Ukrainian official said.

DOJ's Sandworm operation raises questions about how far feds can go to disarm botnets

by Suzanne Smalley

The Department of Justice and FBI announced they used remote access technology to shut down a Sandworm botnet.