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Securiosity: 20 minutes on S4x2020

by Jeff Stone

Greg Otto and Sean Lyngaas were in Miami for S4 -- and brought back all of the info you need to know if you weren't there.

Why one researcher mimicked Russian hackers in breaking into a European utility

by Sean Lyngaas

Jason Larsen was tired of hearing how skilled Sandworm was, so he used one of their techniques to improve a client's security.

Idaho National Lab researcher shines a light on the market for ICS zero-days

by Sean Lyngaas

As the zero-day market grows, so do the exploits focused on ICS, says INL's Sarah Freeman.

Researchers set up a mock factory network — and watched the criminals rush in

by Sean Lyngaas

It doesn't have to be real for criminals to want to pwn it.

Securiosity: An ICS Security Bonanza!

by Jeff Stone

The S4 Conference was full of news. Buildings, cranes, "Fortnite" — they are all hackable! Believe it!

To raise security awareness, researchers spent months hacking mock building systems

by Sean Lyngaas

“Only having a patch is not enough,” a ForeScout researcher told CyberScoop. “We need to create awareness to warn the community.”