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Famed Russian hacker gets 14 years in prison for $50 million cyberfraud ring

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Roman Seleznev was called "a pioneer" of modern cybercrime and "one of the most revered point-of-sale hackers in the criminal underworld."

Prolific Russian credit-card hacker gets 27 years

by Shaun Waterman

A federal judge in Seattle Friday sentenced prolific Russian payment-card hacker Roman Seleznev to 27 years in prison — the longest sentence for computer crime ever imposed in an American court.

Prosecutors throw the book at Russian behind credit card hacking plot

by Shaun Waterman

U.S. prosecutors are asking a federal court in Seattle to sentence prolific Russian hacker Roman Seleznev to 30 years this week, saying he personally helped create a multibillion-dollar ecosystem for credit card fraud.