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Former Buttigieg CISO urges DNC to coordinate information sharing between campaigns

by Shannon Vavra

Sharing threat intelligence between one campaign and another remains challenging, says Mick Baccio.

RNC, DNC bank on Duo authentication ahead 2020 election

by Shannon Vavra

The RNC is big on 2FA and social media training.

Political parties are still struggling with cybersecurity basics

by Shannon Vavra

With international elections approaching, researchers assessed parties' digital readiness.

200 million registered voters exposed due to open AWS repository

by Ryan Johnston

An RNC data repository in the form of a public cloud server was left exposed to the internet for 12 days, opening up personally identifiable information of nearly 200 million registered voters.

Putin ordered ‘influence campaign’ to damage Clinton, intelligence agencies say

by Chris Bing

In March, Russian intelligence forces under the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a sophisticated influence campaign against then democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to a newly released report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.