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For Magecart groups and other credit-card skimmers, old and new opportunities abound

by Joe Warminsky

The entry points for Magecart and other e-commerce skimmers are changing, but the attackers are getting more clever, too.

Evidence suggests Russia's SVR is still using 'WellMess' malware, despite US warnings

by Tim Starks

It's less clear what APT29 might be doing with the hacking tool, after allegedly using it last summer to try to steal COVID-19 research.

How scammers use faked news articles to promote coronavirus 'cures' that only defraud victims

by Jeff Stone

It's the latest effort to separate anxious web users from their hard-earned cash.

Twilio breach spotlights struggle to keep corporate software kits out of the wrong hands

by Sean Lyngaas

The damage could have been worse if the attack had been targeted.

Magecart hackers have spent weeks lurking on NutriBullet's website

by Jeff Stone

The compromise was ongoing as of this article's publication, according to RiskIQ.

Magecart strikes more than 2 million websites as more groups get involved

by Jeff Stone

Scammers seem only to be accelerating their attacks as attention grows.