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'Disgruntled insider' shared REvil information with researchers, helped law enforcement

by AJ Vicens

REvil was among the most notorious ransomware crews until international attention and arrests hobbled the group.

REvil prosecutions reach a 'dead end,' Russian media reports

by AJ Vicens

The contention follows multiple claims from Russian officials that a lack of U.S. cooperation was hurting their case.

Twitter may have given user's private data to a ransomware hacker, who then ran a researcher offline

by AJ Vicens

If true, it's just the latest example of phony data requests used for illicit purposes.

REvil member accused of Kaseya ransomware attack arraigned in Texas

by Tonya Riley

Yaroslav Vasinskyi faces up to 115 years in jail.

Russian government continues crackdown on cybercriminals

by AJ Vicens

With the takedown of the Sky Fraud forum and other cybercrime sites, Russia is continuing a sweep that began earlier this year against groups known as REvil and Infraud Organization.

Ransomware spree hitting European oil, transport companies

by Tim Starks

European officials do not currently believe that some of the attacks are linked.