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QR codes can eat your lunch, FBI warns

by Joe Warminsky

The bureau's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), issued a general alert Tuesday about "malicious" QR codes that reroute unsuspecting consumers.

Food-delivery fraudsters deploy hacked accounts, stolen credit card info to skim from orders

by Tim Starks

The grifters advertise their food delivery payment services on Telegram.

Another fast-food hack, this time at Checkers and Rally's restaurants

by Jeff Stone

Customers encouraged to monitor their credit reports while Checkers conducts an investigation.

Dunkin' Donuts struck in latest credential stuffing attack

by Jeff Stone

The fast-casual restaurant chain says thieves obtained username and password information belonging to customers via a credential stuffing incident.

Pacific Northwest burger chain hit by FIN7

by Greg Otto

Northwest U.S. fast food chain Burgerville revealed that its customers' credit and debit card information was stolen by the international cybercrime group known as FIN7.

This elite cybercrime group is wreaking havoc on the U.S. restaurant industry

by Chris Bing

Chipotle is just one of a slew of businesses targeted by a sophisticated hacking group with suspected ties to cybercrime gangs operating in Eastern Europe.