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Researchers ID new RAT developed by Chinese hacking group with growing target list

by AJ Vicens

The remote access trojan mimics legitimate computer activity to make it harder to detect, the researchers said.

Hackers spoof SBA to try to compromise companies' computers

by Sean Lyngaas

The hackers are exploiting businesses' reliance on digital updates from the federal government.

Cyber-espionage campaign in Middle East, Europe picked up speed after Soleimani killing

by Shannon Vavra

The hackers could be prepositioning for a retaliatory attack, or biding their time to collect intelligence, researchers say.

Fake ransomware named after Donald Trump tries to trick victims out of a buck

by Jeff Stone

Hackers are trying to spread malicious software by using world leaders' names to generate interest.

Talos: Remcos software is a surveillance tool posing as legitimate software

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Remcos is sold by a German company, Breaking Security, that markets it as a legitimate way to remotely access computers.

Amid ongoing geopolitical tension, researchers find Pakistan-linked hacking aimed at India

by Chris Bing

As well-crafted hacking tools become more ubiquitous, long simmering rivalries between developing nations take on a new dimension: cyber espionage runs rampant.