Two members of QQAAZZ, which laundered funds from cybercrime, plead guilty

by Tonya Riley

The prosecutions come amid growing attention from the U.S. government on the financial systems used by cybercriminals.

US, European authorities carry out sweeping crackdown on prolific QQAAZZ cybercriminal group

by Sean Lyngaas

It’s the most significant law enforcement offensive to date against the Eastern European cybercrime gang.

Maksim Boiko, an accused money launderer and part-time rapper, to plead not guilty

by Jeff Stone

The 29-year-old Russian entered the U.S. in January with $20,000 in cash. The FBI says he is a “significant cybercriminal" with links to the QQAAZZ group.

FBI accuses Russian man of laundering money for a transnational cybercrime network

by Jeff Stone

It's the latest update in the bureau's ongoing case against QQAAZZ, a transational money laundering operation.