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Meet Babuk, a ransomware attacker blamed for the Serco breach

by Sean Lyngaas

It's a case study in how quickly crooks can learn the basics of digital extortion.

Right country, wrong group? Researchers say it wasn’t APT10 that hacked Norwegian software firm

by Sean Lyngaas

The hack of Visma was done by APT10, according to Recorded Future and Rapid7. Or was it? Other researchers say it had all the hallmarks of another China-linked group, APT 31.

Chinese hackers starting to return focus to U.S. corporations

by Chris Bing

The 2015 agreement to curb corporate espionage looks to be falling by the wayside, according to new research from PwC.

Private sector task force wants more 'leverage' for cybersecurity defenses

by Nicole Softness

The New York Cyber Task Force has identified “frictionless areas” for private sector cybersecurity improvements.

Insurance industry increasingly anxious about its own cyber risks

by Shaun Waterman

Insurance companies are worried more than ever about cybersecurity, which is rated one of the top three risks the global industry faces for the first time in a recent survey.

Beyond concerns about AI, consumers see usefulness — particularly in cybersecurity, privacy

by Shaun Waterman

Almost two-thirds of American consumers welcome advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and cybersecurity is among the areas where assistance from AI has the most appeal, according to a new survey.