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At least 24 agencies run Pulse Secure software. How many were hacked is an open question.

by Sean Lyngaas

Multiple U.S. government-funded labs conducting national security-related research appear to use the software.

State-linked hackers hit American, European organizations with Pulse Secure exploits

by Sean Lyngaas

Such VPN software has proven a popular foothold for spies over the years.

NSA warns defense contractors of recent Chinese government-backed hacking

by Shannon Vavra

Chinese hackers are using known vulnerabilities to breach a multitude of victims.

Chinese intelligence-linked hackers are exploiting known flaws to target Washington, US says

by Shannon Vavra

Chinese Ministry of State Security-linked actors are actively targeting U.S. government agencies, according to a new alert.

APT groups are exploiting outdated VPNs to spy on international targets, U.K. and U.S. warn

by Jeff Stone

Microsoft warned back in August that suspected Chinese hackers were trying to use VPNs as intelligence-gathering tools.