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Phishing scheme targeting Mideast researchers uses 'herd mentality' approach to dupe victims

by AJ Vicens

The tactic linked to an Iranian group creates the impression the email activity is real by employing a phenomenon known as "social proof."

Health care IT workers report increased cyberattacks affecting patient care

by AJ Vicens

More than half of the respondents to a health care cybersecurity survey say their organizations suffered a ransomware attack in the past year.

Proofpoint's Phil Fuster on the intersection between cloud ID management and zero trust

by CyberScoop Staff

Proofpoint's Phil Fuster catches up with CyberScoop at Gov Identity Summit 2022.

Research points to a Chinese hacking effort targeting a Russian border unit

by AJ Vicens

The findings add detail to other suspected Chinese hacking campaigns in Europe related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russian, Chinese, Belarusian hackers increasingly using Ukraine-themed lures in attacks, Google observes

by AJ Vicens

The Threat Analysis Group report sheds light on international efforts to leverage the war in hacking campaigns.

Against backdrop of Russian-Ukraine war, researchers witness flurry of nation-aligned hacking

by AJ Vicens

Polish, Ukrainian and European targets are facing a barrage of cyber operations, researchers say.