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Congressional inquiry reveals secret Customs and Border Protection database of U.S. phone records

by Tonya Riley

CBP is conducting warrantless phone searches of up to 10,000 Americans annually and storing details in a government database.

FTC will explore new privacy rules to protect consumers from 'hackers and data thieves'

by Tonya Riley

Concerns about the commercial surveillance industry outlined in the agency's notice include poor data security for consumer information.

Federal privacy legislation progresses, but concerns about data brokers loom

by Tonya Riley

The latest version of the legislation still leaves loopholes for abuses of data including reproductive health data.

Privacy legislation might provide a powerful guard against online identity fraud

by Tonya Riley

It might pose a new hurdle for cybercriminals looking to swipe personal information.

Reproductive rights at risk galvanize calls for federal privacy legislation

by Tonya Riley

Lack of federal privacy protections could make abortion bans a lot more dangerous.