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Election workers in battleground states faced onslaught of malicious emails, researchers say

by AJ Vicens

The phishing attacks targeted county poll workers in Arizona and Pennsylvania with emails that attempted to steal their login credentials.

American Airlines discloses data breach

by AJ Vicens, Suzanne Smalley

The news follows a White House meeting with airline and other aviation executives to discuss the cybersecurity threat facing the industry.

Blame game follows Uber hack. Experts say don't fault employee.

by AJ Vicens

The Uber hack may be a lesson in poor security design and points to problems with vulnerable multi-factor authentication.

Chinese hackers zero in on Australian manufacturers, wind turbine operators

by AJ Vicens

The recently uncovered hacking activity is connected to a decade-old Chinese cyberespionage operation, researchers said.

Why robotexts are scammers' favorite new tool

by Tonya Riley

Technology meant to limit robocalls has pushed scammers toward SMS-based attacks, which experts say can be even more dangerous.

Experts, NSA cyber director say ransomware could threaten campaigns in 2022

by Tonya Riley

Hackers are also widening their net to candidates' families and friends, experts say.