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FedEx attributes $300 million loss to NotPetya ransomware attack

by Zaid Shoorbajee

FedEx reported an estimated $300 million loss in its first quarter earnings report Tuesday, attributing the loss mostly to a computer virus that impacted the company’s operations across Europe in July.

New tool can help prevent government-mandated backdoors in software, Swiss researchers say

by J.M Porup

The framework, dubbed "Chainiac," makes it extremely difficult for governments to force vulnerabilities into the software supply chain.

Tallinn Manual author: Petya malware attack likely war crime

by Shaun Waterman

Two prominent international law experts think the recent malware worm, if actually tied to Russia, constitutes a violation of the Geneva convention.

'Patient zero' of global ransomware incident was warned and owned before outbreak

by Chris Bing

M.E. Doc, the company at the center of an international ransomware outbreak, was reportedly warned about insufficient digital security multiple times, and new evidence shows it had already been compromised by hackers before last week's incident.

How the world is reacting to Petya

by Jeff Stone

John Bambenek breaks down the Petya aftermath, and talks with Chris Bing on what enterprises can do to protect themselves from similar attacks.

Global malware attack 'most likely' carried out by a nation-state, NATO-sponsored researchers say

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

“In the case of NotPetya, significant improvements have been made to create a new breed of ultimate threat," researcher Bernhards Blumbergs said.