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People search websites create privacy nightmares for abortion rights advocates

by Tonya Riley

Many abortion rights advocates say the ease of finding their personal information online from data brokers puts them at risk.

Millions of records about Middle Eastern drivers left in an insecure database

by Jeff Stone

The database contains many instances where the same person is referenced by multiple records.

Third-party Facebook apps left people's data publicly exposed, researchers say

by Joe Warminsky

The Silicon Valley security firm identified exposures by Mexico-based media company Cultura Colectiva and the now-defunct "At the Pool" app.

Phishing attack exposes data of more than a million patients across Midwest

by Mark Satter

The incident affected UnityPoint Health, a network of hospitals, clinics, and home care services in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

DOJ regrets the error on OPM-linked fraud case

by Sean Lyngaas

DOJ as apologized for confusion over its announcement last month that a fraudster used information stolen in the infamous 2015 OPM data breach.

Mulvaney: CFPB hit by over 200 data 'lapses'

by Sean Lyngaas

Mick Mulvaney revealed Thursday that the agency had suffered some 240 “lapses” in data security over an unspecified time period, in addition to a suspected 800 other such incidents.