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Multiple ransomware gangs pounce on 'PrintNightmare' vulnerability

by Sean Lyngaas

For the second time in a week, security researchers have warned that extortionists exploited the critical flaw.

State-linked hackers hit American, European organizations with Pulse Secure exploits

by Sean Lyngaas

Such VPN software has proven a popular foothold for spies over the years.

CISA orders US agencies to address Microsoft flaws exploited by suspected Chinese hackers

by Sean Lyngaas

Agencies have until Friday to report back to CISA on their level of exposure.

Bad patching practices are a breeding ground for zero-day exploits, Google warns

by Sean Lyngaas

Vulnerabilities can come back to bite you.

CISA orders agencies to quickly patch critical Netlogon bug

by Sean Lyngaas

CISA has increasingly used its emergency-directive authority to try to keep foreign spies or criminals from burrowing into federal networks

After researchers test Microsoft Netlogon exploit, feds tell users to patch now or suffer later

by Sean Lyngaas

The episode highlights how, with thousands of software vulnerabilities released each year, some matter much more than others.