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MoviePass settles with the FTC over exposing private information, misleading consumers

by Tonya Riley

The FTC also slammed the company for using an array of tricks to keep users from actually using the service.

Google to make multi-factor authentication its default mode

by Tim Starks

"If they succeed this will probably be one of the most important cybersecurity improvements this decade," one security researcher said.

Meet ODoH, where privacy means just not knowing anything

by Tim Starks

It's part of a trio of privacy-minded initiatives that Cloudflare is touting.

Yubico pushes an enterprise security plan geared toward corporate America

by Jeff Stone

It's a new service offering YubiKeys in bulk.

What 'Have I been Pwned?' taught DHS’s internal cyber chief about passwords

by Sean Lyngaas

"I get emails from this website on a monthly or basis,” DHS CISO Paul Beckman said Tuesday.

Google makes safe logins more convenient by allowing smartphones to be security keys

by Jeff Stone

It's the latest anti-phishing effort from Google's Advanced Protection team.