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Anonymous says it's leaking hacked data from Epik, a right-wing hosting service

by Jeff Stone

It's the latest effort in a generation of political activism from the umbrella hacking collective.

Cybercrime forum advertises alleged database, source code from Russian firm that helped Parler

by Tim Starks

The information, for sale for $350,000, might not be legitimate.

Misinformation flooded Parler around Capitol insurrection, research finds

by Shannon Vavra

"Parler was a hotbed for misinformation publishers," the research found.

Rep. Maloney seeks FBI probe of Parler's role in Capitol attack

by Shannon Vavra

Parler's under the microscope.

Amazon boots Parler from web hosting service over violent content

by Joe Warminsky

It's a blow potentially even more serious than moves by Google and Apple over the weekend to suspend it from their app stores.