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Palestinian hacking group evolving with new malware, researchers say

by AJ Vicens

The seasoned Palestinian hacking group is leveling up its remote access malware, researchers say.

Researchers detect fresh wave of hacking attacks on Palestinian targets

by AJ Vicens

The research highlights a potent hacking group that might not be the most advanced, but doing enough to get the job done.

After Gaza ceasefire, MoleRATs hacking group continues to target Middle Eastern governments

by Sean Lyngaas

It’s an example of how, alongside the violence that has long marked the Israel-Palestine conflict, there are often much subtler efforts by digital spies to access networks.

Facebook tackles hacking groups with apparent ties to Palestine, Hamas

by Tim Starks

Facebook said it took steps to halt hackers associated with Hamas, as well as Palestine's Preventive Security Service.

Hackers leverage Facebook, Dropbox to spy on Egypt, Palestinians

by Sean Lyngaas

It's a twist on the Arabic-speaking hacking group's tradecraft.