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33 connectivity flaws render millions of IT, IoT devices vulnerable

by Tim Starks

At least 150 vendors are affected, but Forescout said it's hard to know for sure how many more.

Forescout's Elisa Costante on vulnerabilities in building systems

by Jeff Stone

Elisa Costante, Forescout's Sr. Director for Industrial and OT Technology Innovation, talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto about the cybersecurity issues that face connected building systems.

Pushing IT and OT to blend their security work together

by Jeff Stone

Fortinet CISO Phil Quade talks with Greg Otto about the need for critical infrastructure companies to blend IT and OT security together.

The growing relationship between IT and OT

by Jeff Stone

Ryan Brichant, Forescout's CTO for global critical infrastructure, talks with Greg Otto with how operational technology and information technology departments are working together with the rise of the industrial internet of things.

Improving cybersecurity visibility at state and local government agencies

by CyberScoop Staff

Report highlights security gaps in state and local government networks as IT leaders manage an increasing diversity of computing assets.