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'This isn't IAD 2.0': NSA's new Cybersecurity Directorate plots its mission

by Shannon Vavra

The National Security Agency has started to lay the groundwork and select the leadership for a reorganization of its cybersecurity activities.

These are the favorites to become the next NSA director

by Chris Bing

U.S. Army Cyber Command General Paul Nakasone is among "the names on the top of the list," according to sources.

NSA cyber-defense chief: 'I have never been more busy'

by Chris Bing

Paul Pitelli, the man responsible for leading the National Security Agency’s defensive mission, says his team is fielding more calls than ever from agencies across the government.

Meet the man responsible for teaching some of the NSA's best young hackers

by Chris Bing

Underlining the NSA's race to hire the best and brightest is a list of universities that offer myriad of computer security training programs, each providing a stepping stone into the secretive agency. In this context, Carnegie Mellon University is to the NSA what the University of Alabama is to the NFL.

NSA's top cyber-defender leaves after reorganization

by Shaun Waterman

Curtis Dukes' departure comes a few months after the the NSA's network defenders, the Information Assurance Directorate he headed, were merged with its eavesdroppers into a new Operations Directorate.