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15 major companies announce effort to tackle cybersecurity workforce recruitment issues

by Shannon Vavra

Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, and more are working to nix requirements and eliminate gender-biased job descriptions.

The real difference between cybersecurity in the public and private sector

by Jeff Stone

Northrop Grumman Director of Joint Cyberspace Programs Chris Valentino's full talk from CyberTalks2017

Why cyber hygiene is of the utmost importance for every organization

by Jeff Stone

Northrop Grumman Director of Joint Cyberspace programs Chris Valentino talks with Wyatt Kash on how hygiene can go a long way to keep an organization from becoming another company drowning in bad breach headlines.

Why all employees should adopt the 'when, not if' mindset

by Jeff Stone

Northrop Grumman Deputy Project Manager Chandria Poole talks with Greg Otto on how organizations can prepare their workforce to respond in the case of a breach.

The two things organizations can do to be more proactive

by Jeff Stone

Northrop Grumman's Vice President of Cyber and Advanced Processing Vern Boyle talks with Greg Otto about the proactive measures organizations can take in order to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Northrop Grumman awarded $14.5 million to build cybersecurity capabilities into surveillance planes

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

The contract comes as part of an award to build Hawkeye plans for the Navy.