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Health insurer Excellus penalized $5.1M by HHS for data breach

by Joe Warminsky

The incident dates back to the era of well-publicized hacks on corporations such as Target, Sony and Home Depot.

Zoom pushes new tools meant to counter 'Zoombombing'

by Tim Starks

The announcement comes after U.S. authorities ordered Zoom to increase their security mechanisms.

New York updates its breach notification law in response to Equifax, GDPR

by Jeff Stone

In the SHIELD Act, New York now has one of the most consumer friendly data protection laws in the country.

New York could soon pass its own GDPR-inspired data security law

by Jeff Stone

The law could become one of the strictest in the country, one attorney said, because it prescribes specific security rules.

Banks preparing for heightened New York cybersecurity laws to take effect

by Shaun Waterman

This week, senior executives from more than 3,000 banks, insurers and other financial services companies doing business in New York will have to personally certify that their computer networks are protected by a cybersecurity program appropriate for their organization’s risk profile.

At the dawn of connected vehicle networks, cybersecurity challenges remain

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Everything on the road will be one day be connected.