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North Korean hackers wanted investigators to think Russians hacked banks

by Chris Bing

A group of highly skilled hackers accused of working for the North Korean government, breaking into the New York Federal Reserve Bank and stealing $81 million from Bangladesh Bank are using hacking tools with foreign computer code to make it appear like a Russian outfit is responsible. Cybersecurity researchers tell CyberScoop that the group, dubbed Lazarus, is fusing Russian language strings into their tools in an effort to confuse defenders and obfuscate attribution. The technique, discovered by Kaspersky and presented Monday at the company’s Security Analyst Summit in St. Maarten, shows how sophisticated threat actors will design attacks in ways that make it more difficult for forensic analysts to track their activity.

Opsec fail allows researchers to track Bangladesh Bank hack to North Korea

by Chris Bing

The North Koreans were sloppy with their log data scrubbing, according to Kaspersky.