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DOJ, international law enforcement disrupt massive RSOCKS botnet

by AJ Vicens

The search warrant targeted a Florida hosting company alleged to have facilitated the botnet activity.

FBI cybercrime seizure takes down one-time Ukraine IT Army collaborator

by AJ Vicens

It's not clear whether the seizure has anything to do with the IT Army's activities.

Ransomware spree hitting European oil, transport companies

by Tim Starks

European officials do not currently believe that some of the attacks are linked.

White House set to lead 30 nations in ransomware discussions, sans Russia

by Tim Starks

The talks leave out the nation President Biden most often criticizes, but invitees will meet for two days on countering ransomware.

European police round up 23 suspected scammers accused of $1.2 million fraud

by Tim Starks

The crime ring began making fake offers of COVID-19 protective materials after the outbreak, Europol said.

Dutch police bust alleged 'Fraud Family' phishing service members

by Tim Starks

The law enforcement action focused on an organization that sells phishing services to less-skilled crooks.