Langevin amendment to boost cyber defenses for critical infrastructure wins House approval

by Suzanne Smalley

The designated entities will be required to report how they manage cyber risk for critical assets.

CISA's advisory panel is announced, set to make recommendations on major cyber topics

by Tim Starks

Topics on the agenda include critical infrastructure protection and information sharing.

Deepfake laws emerge as harassment, security threats come into focus

by Shannon Vavra

Congress and states are stepping up.

Biden transition fills some top cybersecurity personnel spots

by Tim Starks

President-elect Joe Biden's transition team this week announced White House and federal agency jobs with cybersecurity responsibilities.

Lawmakers throw cold water on splitting Cyber Command from NSA

by Shannon Vavra

Congress is hitting back.

Republican senators ask DOT, FAA to cease using Chinese drones

by Shannon Vavra

Capitol Hill is putting on the pressure.