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Lawmakers call for cyber leadership as they introduce bill that would create White House post

by Sean Lyngaas

The push for creating a “national cyber director” is gaining fresh traction, with support from Republicans.

Trump's national security adviser warns Canadians against Huawei 5G tech

by Shannon Vavra

Robert O’Brien has a thing or two to say about allowing Huawei to help in building out the next generation of wireless networks.

Security clearance background checks should take three days, Rep. Will Hurd says

by Shannon Vavra

“I never thought I would have to work on such a basic issue as this," the Texas Republican says about the federal security clearance process, which is still working on a large backlog of applications.

Senators urge John Bolton to reinstate NSC cyber position

by Ryan Duffy

Senators expressed concern that eliminating the role “will lead to a lack of unified focus against cyber threats.”

Trump's new national security adviser is a DNC breach truther

by Chris Bing

President Trump's newly appointed national security adviser, John Bolton, has a history of denying that Russian hackers breached the Democratic National Committee.