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Langevin pushes for critical infrastructure protections in annual defense bill

by Tim Starks

Rep. Jim Langevin's amendment reflects one of the biggest unfulfilled Cyberspace Solarium Commission recommendations.

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission pushed some major policies into law. So what now?

by Tim Starks

It's going to track how its recommendations are implemented, and study some issues where it only scratched the surface.

Cyber incident reporting mandates suffer another congressional setback

by Tim Starks

Backers hope they might be able to advance the proposal by other means after being left out of a popular defense policy bill.

Incident reporting, ransomware payment legislation faces trouble in Senate

by Tim Starks

Aides continue to negotiate in a bid to overcome the dispute.

NDAA pushes U.S. Cyber Command to be more aggressive

by Ryan Duffy

The Senate's version of the annual defense policy bill sets a road map for how U.S. Cyber Command will ramp up operations.

Here are the cybersecurity amendments added to the House's defense bill

by Chris Bing

House members attached several cybersecurity-focused amendments to the fiscal 2018 National Defense Authorization Act.