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Twitter breach exposes anonymous accounts to nation state hackers

by Tonya Riley

Twitter confirmed Friday that a bad actor used a vulnerability to match private information with potentially anonymous Twitter accounts.

Federal court system suffered previously undisclosed breach, congressional committee says

by AJ Vicens

The breach is separate from the SolarWinds fallout and had not been previously publicly disclosed.

U.S. Cyber Command exposes malware targeting Ukrainian entities

by AJ Vicens

The details are part of an effort to help defend critical infrastructure "and our democratic values and institutions," a spokesperson said.

Security researchers suggest naming state-harbored hackers 'privateers'

by Sean Lyngaas

Cybersecurity executives have compared the safe havens that some governments provide cybercriminals today with 17th century piracy.

Biden’s DHS pick was a ‘quick study’ of cybersecurity issues as the department’s deputy

by Sean Lyngaas

"He recognizes he’s not a cyber expert, but he goes to those who help him make informed decisions," said Greg Touhill, a former senior DHS official.

How the Pentagon is trolling Russian, Chinese hackers with cartoons

by Shannon Vavra

Cyber Command has a graphics company on hand to mock foreign hackers.