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An espionage campaign spread its wings from Myanmar to the Philippines, raising new questions

by Tim Starks

The alleged LuminousMoth campaign leapfrogged through Southeast Asia, while the victim count multiplied by more than 10.

Amid military coup, Myanmar's internet is partially blacked out

by Tim Starks

President Joe Biden denounced the military's seizure, which coincided with large-scale internet blackouts.

Facebook removes fake accounts it linked to Turning Point

by Tim Starks

The removal comes with just weeks to go before the election.

Public disclosure didn't stop suspected Chinese hackers from targeting the Vatican

by Shannon Vavra

Hackers with suspected ties to the Chinese government have ramped up their operations targeting the Vatican, Recorded Future said.

The latest in Facebook's dragnet: Propaganda from Russian military intelligence

by Jeff Stone

Operations from Iran, Malaysia and Vietnam also were identified by the social media company's researchers.

Facebook bans Myanmar general as U.N. calls for independent investigation into Rohingya crisis

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

"The ethnic violence in Myanmar has been truly horrific," a Facebook blog read. "While we were too slow to act, we’re now making progress."