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How the public sector can adopt modern pentesting solutions

by Synack

A new report explains how pentesting of web and mobile applications offer valuable insights and context about vulnerabilities.

Phone scammers use COVID-19 vaccine appointments to try tricking victims into downloading malware

by Jeff Stone

Fictional regulations are also a focus of the latest alerts.

SIM-swapping gang busted for targeting 'influencers, sports stars, musicians'

by Joe Warminsky

International police did not name specific victims. The crooks were able to steal about $100 million in cryptocurrency as well as personal data.

More Chinese apps attract a ban from a presidential administration on the way out

by Joe Warminsky

President Donald Trump's executive order against Alipay, WeChat Pay and other Chinese apps won't take effect for 45 days — more than two weeks after Joe Biden has been inaugurated.

T-Mobile: Breach exposed call information for some customers

by Joe Warminsky

The company called the intrusion "malicious, unauthorized access," but did not release details about the suspected intruders or their methods.

ACLU sues FBI for information about its encryption-cracking skills

by Joe Warminsky

The civil liberties group wants the feds to come clean about the capabilities of the Electronic Device Analysis Unit (EDAU).