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Scammers are using fake Microsoft 11 installers to spread malware

by Tim Starks

The malicious sdownloads range from relatively innocuous adware to password stealers and trojans.

CISA orders agencies to quickly patch critical Netlogon bug

by Sean Lyngaas

CISA has increasingly used its emergency-directive authority to try to keep foreign spies or criminals from burrowing into federal networks

Old vulnerabilities die hard: researchers uncover 20-year-old code in Windows Print Spooler

by Sean Lyngaas

It's an example of the old code that is bequeathed to popular software programs we take for granted.

CISA issues emergency order requiring agencies to patch critical Windows bug

by Sean Lyngaas

The order gives federal civilian agencies roughly 24 hours to act.

Zero-day flaw found in Zoom for Windows 7

by Sean Lyngaas

A hacker who successfully exploits the Zoom vulnerability could access files on the vulnerable computer, according to ACROS Security, the Slovenian firm that highlighted the issue.

IronNet's Jamil Jaffer on U.S. deterrence efforts in cyberspace

by Jeff Stone

IronNet's Jamil Jaffer talks about the ways the U.S. government is trying to stop nation-states from carrying out hacking attempts.