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Signal issues workaround for Iran's ban of messaging app

by Joe Warminsky

The Android version of the chat app will soon have the capability to bypass the Iran's block on traffic, Signal says.

ESET catches spyware posing as Telegram, Android messaging apps

by Joe Warminsky

It's the latest example of mobile malware aiming to sneak onto user devices.

Signal wants to protect protesters’ privacy with new face-blurring feature

by Sean Lyngaas

Use of Signal has surged since George Floyd's killing.

Google researcher beefs up iMessage security by demonstrating clickless exploit

by Sean Lyngaas

Google's Samuel Gross poked holes in some conventional wisdom around iOS.

Fake Telegram app on more than 100,000 phones infected U.S., UAE Androids

by Jeff Stone

The Android malware pushed fake prizes to generate click fraud. The program’s developers borrowed open-source code from the real Telegram app.

WhatsApp adds biometric feature to help protect messages

by Jeff Stone

Even end-to-end encryption can’t protect WhatsApp users’ messages if someone has physical control of their device — a problem this update should help solve.