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Shareholders allege FedEx covered up damages caused by NotPetya attack

by Jeff Stone

FedEx didn't account for remediation when it said the NotPetya ransomware attack would cost roughly $400 million, according to the suit.

Demand for cyber insurance grows as volatility scares off some providers

by Jeff Stone

How do you quantify the risk of the next NotPetya attack? Maybe by re-thinking whether you want to offer cyber insurance at all.

NotPetya ransomware cost Merck more than $310 million

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

"We anticipate a similar impact to revenue and expenses in the fourth quarter."

Worldwide effort underway to stop massive ransomware outbreak

by Chris Bing, Patrick Howell O'Neill

An apparent outbreak of Petya ransomware appears to be affecting a large number of banks, energy firms and other companies based in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Britain and France.