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White House official, former Nunes aide Michael Ellis named NSA general counsel

by Shannon Vavra

The White House has been pressuring the DOD on this one.

Air Force unveils information warfare outfit amid U.S. effort to go on offense in cyberspace

by Shannon Vavra

It's a big shift for the service, which traditionally has prioritized defense.

U.S. Secretary of Defense urges NATO allies to block Chinese-built 5G tech

by Shannon Vavra

An administration effort to convince European allies to blacklist Huawei largely has fallen on deaf ears.

Trump's Pentagon pick 'confident' in 2020 election security

by Shannon Vavra

Mark Esper told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the 2020 contests will be "unfettered" by foreign actors, but the military and intelligence agencies will "always will have a lot of work to do" to secure elections.